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Quit Smoking!   Quit Smoking!   Quit Smoking!   Quit  Smoking!
   with hypnosis    with hypnosis   with hypnosis   with hypnosis   

That is right quit smoking today using hypnosis! Hypnosis has been proven to be the most successful way to quit smoking. Hypnosis has been around since Grecian times.  The Greek word for hypnosis is "hypnos" which means sleep.  Although you are not asleep during hypnosis, you do have to pass through hypnosis to get to sleep every time you do sleep.  Hypnosis is that state of awareness between dream and awake, where you hear everything going on around you but are so relaxed you don't want to open your eyes.  Hypnosis is not voodoo or a magic pill. Smoking is a behavioral issue (bad habit) and bad habits can be replace with good habits.  In order to change any behavioral problem you have to change your believe system, the best way to change your belief system is using hypnosis.  Hypnosis helps you increase your determination to achieve your goal, whatever that goal may be. We all make choices everyday and our subconscious takes everything we say to our self every day as fact, our subconscious doesn't take a joke! You must make the choice to quit smoking. Hypnosis allows us to help guide you into that relaxed state so that you can make that choice in a calm state of mind and make it permanent.
It doesn't matter how long you have been smoking or how many times you have tried to stop in the past this time quit for life!  We can help anyone  who is sincere about retaining their health and quit smoking permanently.
Once you quit smoking:
In 20 Minutes after quitting smoking your blood pressure/pulse 
return to normal!
After 8 hours of quitting smoking the nicotine is reduced by 93%!
After 12 hours of quitting smoking your carbon monoxide levels
 return to normal!
After 24 hours of quitting smoking the chance of heart attack decreases!
After 48 hours of quitting smoking damaged nerve endings start 
to regrow and sense of taste and smell return to normal!
After 72 hours after quitting smoking the entire body is 100% nicotine free and crave free, breathing is easier and the lung function is
 starting to increase!
Reasons to use hypnosis to quit smoking:

Hypnosis usually requires only one visit to quit smoking
Hypnosis does not require medication to quit smoking
Hypnosis is affordable to allow you to quit smoking
Hypnosis uses deep breathing and does not add any harmful 
substance to your body to quit smoking

This works!! 5 mos and still not even thinking about tobacco products, Recommend highly (40 year smoker)   Gordon,  Petersburg, Virginia


It is our sincere intention that you quit smoking with one session and to help you achieve your goal we provide you with a  free CD to take with you for 
re enforcement!  

Stop what you are doing and Call now to quit smoking permanently!!

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