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Our Specialties Include:

 Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Phobias, Fear, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Pain Relief , Life Coaching, Improving Memory, Procrastination, Problem Solving, Infertility, HypnoBirthing®, Childbirth, Sexual Dysfunction, Body Image, Cancer Support, Financial Security, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, Hypnosis, Nlp, EFT, EMDR  and More!


New Way New Day specializes in hypnosis/hypnotherapy and conducts affordable private and group sessions for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing by altering patterns of dysfunctional behavior.  Hypnosis has been used effectively for smoking cessation, weight loss and maintenance, stress management, and resolution of anxiety, depression and phobias.  We also offer pain relief when referred by a doctor.  Private and group classes are offered for HypnoBirthing, labor and birth, and fertility issues. We are certified in the latest proven techniques including: hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnocoaching (life coaching), EFT and EMDR. These techniques have proven beneficial in the treatment of fibromyalgia, lack of confidence and low self- esteem, post-partum depression,
pre-surgical preparation, post surgical recovery, post- traumatic stress,

sexual dysfunction, and ADD/ADHD.
Additionally, we can help you to master techniques to improve your athletic performance!

Thinking creates  feelings. Feelings create beliefs. Beliefs create  behaviors. Smoking, eating and drinking to excess, substance abuse, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and debilitating fears/anxieties are all learned behaviors controlled by our subconscious mind.  In order to change problematic behavior you must first change your belief system.  Hypnosis provides a shortcut to the subconscious and is a powerful tool that we can utilize to improve our lives.  While under hypnosis you are in a very relaxed state which allows your subconscious to absorb, and assimilate the information it needs to make positive life changes. The applications for hypnosis are limitless!  We are born with the power within us to be the masters of our own destinies. We simply need to learn a few basic techniques. We use hypnosis every day and just don't realize it.  Have you ever arrived at work and not remembered anything about the drive there? Your subconscious mind took over and did what it needed to do! Why not use hypnosis to help your mind work FOR you instead of AGAINST you?  There have always been misconceptions about hypnosis.  It is not mind control. You cannot be forced to do anything while under hypnosis which you would not otherwise do.  It is not a "lie detector." You are in complete control while in a state of hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to effectuate positive life changes. If someone you know has been able to overcome a behavioral problem, it wasn’t willpower alone. They also believed they could change. If this was something you had to do to save the life of the person most dear to you, would you?  Of course!  If you can do it when you HAVE to, you can do it when you WANT to.

One of the things we are most proud of is our client’s belief in our sincere desire to help them achieve their goals. I believe you will sense this the moment you walk into our office. 


No Tricks! No False Promises! No Gimmicks!

 No Pills! No Expensive Guarantees! No Contracts!

Our fee is less than your normal co pay!

Hypnosis you can afford and depend on!
Hypnosis will change your life!



  Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Relaxation Techniques,Motivational Wellness Seminars,Wellness  Support Progams, Classes, Workshops,  Team Building,Group Sessions, Private Sessions, PTSD Coping Techniques, NLP™, HypnoCoaching™, Hypnosis for Labor and Birth, Hypnosis for Fertility, HypnoBirthing®,
Sports Hypnosis and more!
Serving the United States and Canada


National Guild of Hypnotist
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Association of Counselors and Therapist
Institute of Professional Psychologists
Hypnofertility Foundation

"The person who thinks they can and the person who thinks they can't are both right"    Henry Ford

A short video of what New Way New Day Hypnotherapy has to offer!

New Way New Day helps people with career choices, change and development,relaxation, wellness, weight loss, quit smoking, finances, along with spirituality and happiness so they can live a more fulfilled life.

New Way New Day  has a special ability to build leaders, happiness, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life. Additionally, they are acclaimed for their work at helping people develop, design and live extraordinary lives.

Listening to our inherent wisdom draws us toward wholeness and health and as the body and mind address and integrate what you've been resisting and release blocks and obstacles, you become free to soar. In this process, you let go of limiting perceptions that block even greater self trust and confidence, open your heart, your passion, and your attention to your
inner being and a wisdom that is always there, but not always tapped. From this space, as you live from your inner being, and include all parts of yourself, shifts then take place that unlock areas where you have been stuck and allow for greater joy

"Experience how good it feels to

live life proud and contented."

Put an end to thinking about how you wish it were and take action. Get on track to the road to wellness.

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